Monday, June 9, 2014

Chapter 1: Soccer and Icecream

Today was fun! After school, I went to Jamaa Township with Tonya and Eyeball!
I brought my soccer ball and eyeball brought his skate.
Eyeball said: "Look, I brought my skate! Can you see?"
To which Tonya answered: "Indeed I can see. And will not look when you have an accident for being so crazy."
So I added: "I can see twice as better than you, Tonya."
After that, We came across Ivy, who had come because she wanted to have a look at Jammer Central. We had a kickabout.
Ivy told Eyeball: "You are gonna really break something, Eyeball, that thing is dangerous.
But Eyeball continued doing tricks, and I almost popped my eyes heading the ball.
Then we came across Icy and had a small match making a goal out of tiki torches.
Who knew Icy was so great at soccer? She is so quiet and mysterious most of the time, but after tackling Ivy she made an amazing pass to Eyeball, who scored with his ear. Scoring is really a great achievment when Tonya is the goalkeeper, but she dived in the wrong direction because she thought Icy was gonna shoot. Wow.
But while we were celebrating the goal, Icy went away and we didn't see her for the rest of the day... That's weird...
But then we decided to go to the Summer Carnival!
We didn't have much gems with us so we couldn't play games, but we bought chocolate icecreams.
"Why didn't we get sugar cotton?" asked Ivy.
We all agreed chocolate icecream makes sense in all situations. Everyone happy.
But while Tonya juggled the soccer ball and her icecream at the same time, Eyeball wen't crazy and did an imposible jump with the icecream balancing on his ear...
...And the icecream went flying and landed right on his head.
We all cracked up, it was so funny.
"Stop laughing!" Eyeball complained. "I got a real brainfreeze!"
"Not much brains to be frozen, apparently." said Ivy.
But it was good that Eyeball wasn't really hurt.

I will post again tomorrow!


  1. Wow, I'd like to meet Bananas. He's fun to read about! Maybe Tigger could meet him one day. Like I could send him to you in a JAG and you, MCB, have Bananas and his friends hang out with Tigger for the day. Then you could send him back! You know, like Tigger could be a special guest?

    P.S. How do you do that glitch?

    1. Tigger is my tiger plushie. :)

    2. Awe, Tigger moved to Canada, but don't worry! Lavvy, a purple tiger, would love to meet Bananas!

  2. Chocolate is universal. And is much butter than sugar cotton (cotton candy).

    1. Well, it depends.
      Does chocolate cotton exist? I've seen apple cotton candy, so it could...

    2. what about banana cotten? :D also, my yellow cheetah plushie ( out of MANY others) is my favorite. his name is cheesy! i have ones in real life too but its a regular cat.and i would love to have chocolate cotten! yum I:O

    3. i dont like bananas though. (no offense to banana!) also I am awsomebun (no "E") send me gifts! or u will be the guy saying help!

  3. MCB, I love hearing from Bananas's stories - all about his life :-D! I give yo' stories three stars, yippeeupppp!


  4. This blog, and yours, MCB, are awesome!


  5. Umm just saying I have an idea for a charecter. Lime and Pumpkin. Lime would be a neon green cheetah and Pumpkin would be her bro and be orange :)

  6. LOL this is funny! :)