Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chapter 2: The library scribble mystery

When I arrived at school today, it seemed like it would be a normal school day.
When we arrived, Eyeball told me Bobby had told him he had a surprise... I wonder what it is!
But then we went into class...
... and for some reason, Mr F seemed to be very angry. I didn't know what was going on, and no one seemed to know either. But Lily and Rodrick were laughing.
We all asked Mr F what was going on, and he said:
"Someone has had the great idea of painting in the library walls. And whoever it was doesn't even know how to spell. You are all in detention until whoever it was owns up."
I hate it when teachers do that, because no one ever owns up.
This is what they have painted:
I wonder why someone would do that. I mean, school is a bit of a drag sometimes, but there is no need to scribble it all over the library walls.
And if I painted on a wall, I would at least do something nice. I mean, what's the point otherwise?
At lunchtime everyone was hyperactive because we had no break, and everyone was talking about who it could have been.
Iris and Eyeball both thought it'd been Lilac, Ricky and Rodrick, because they are exactly the ones that would do something like that and they aren't that good at spelling either.
But Bobby, who always pays attention to the details, commented that the library was perfectly normal yesterday when we left school, and no one stayed there. 
"But not everyone goes" said Tonya. "Rose always stays in the library to study."
But we asked Rose and she said she had gone earlier than usual and no one had been there.
I wonder who it was...
Oh, and after school, Bobby showed us the surprise! It is a tent!
We can now camp, it's gonna be awesome!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Chapter 1: Soccer and Icecream

Today was fun! After school, I went to Jamaa Township with Tonya and Eyeball!
I brought my soccer ball and eyeball brought his skate.
Eyeball said: "Look, I brought my skate! Can you see?"
To which Tonya answered: "Indeed I can see. And will not look when you have an accident for being so crazy."
So I added: "I can see twice as better than you, Tonya."
After that, We came across Ivy, who had come because she wanted to have a look at Jammer Central. We had a kickabout.
Ivy told Eyeball: "You are gonna really break something, Eyeball, that thing is dangerous.
But Eyeball continued doing tricks, and I almost popped my eyes heading the ball.
Then we came across Icy and had a small match making a goal out of tiki torches.
Who knew Icy was so great at soccer? She is so quiet and mysterious most of the time, but after tackling Ivy she made an amazing pass to Eyeball, who scored with his ear. Scoring is really a great achievment when Tonya is the goalkeeper, but she dived in the wrong direction because she thought Icy was gonna shoot. Wow.
But while we were celebrating the goal, Icy went away and we didn't see her for the rest of the day... That's weird...
But then we decided to go to the Summer Carnival!
We didn't have much gems with us so we couldn't play games, but we bought chocolate icecreams.
"Why didn't we get sugar cotton?" asked Ivy.
We all agreed chocolate icecream makes sense in all situations. Everyone happy.
But while Tonya juggled the soccer ball and her icecream at the same time, Eyeball wen't crazy and did an imposible jump with the icecream balancing on his ear...
...And the icecream went flying and landed right on his head.
We all cracked up, it was so funny.
"Stop laughing!" Eyeball complained. "I got a real brainfreeze!"
"Not much brains to be frozen, apparently." said Ivy.
But it was good that Eyeball wasn't really hurt.

I will post again tomorrow!


Hi, am I Bananas the spider and this is my blog!
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These are some of my friends:
The green bunny is Eyeball, the fox is Bobby, the Crocodile is Iris and the Artic Wolf is Tonya. 
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