Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chapter 3: Camping Night

Today we went camping with Bobby's tent for the first time!
We had agreed to meet at Sarepia Forest to set up the tent and stuff, and we each brought some things. Bobby brought the tent, which looked like a black old rag before we put it up properly, and wrapped inside, all the food. Iris brought some lights. "It will give a camping athmosphere if we put them up" she said.
Tonya had brought some candles (also for the athmosphere, I suppose)
Eyeball brought a telescope and his skate. 
"We can go stargazing!" he suggested, very enthusiastic.
"It will be you who sees stars if you are still doing crazy tricks with that thing" said Iris.
I had brought Cheeto and the soccer ball.
After setting up the camp, we had great fun climbing around. Eyeball started to do his usual skating craziness.
We decided to go to Theater Lobby and watch a film.
There were some jammers we knew form school, and a kangaroo who we had never seen. He was eating an icecream with a tennis ball on top. There are some weird jammers out there...
Rocky was drinking a milkshake in a corner. When I asked him how he was he just mumbled something and squeezed closer to the wall. Lately he has been more shy than ever.
Rose was chatting with an artic wolf, and Lily and Ricky were laughing at Rocky. 
"One day I'm really gonna get those three, they are so mean to poor Rocky" whispered Bobby. 
After the movie, the artctic wolf, who introduced herself as Sarah, showed us her dirt bike. It was really cool. Eyeball and Tonya in particular were amazed with it, and we decided to go next Saturday to Coral Canyons. Eyeball said he's bring his skateboard.
Then we had dinner. We ate some pie that I had cooked in the fire.
"You're an amazing cook, Bananas" said Iris.
We talked about the Library scribble mystery. It has already been cleaned, but still no one knows who it was.
Bobby was convinced it had been Rodrick and his friends. 
Tonya said: "But it was someone who had been in the school in the afternoon. The day before that, Icy disapeared after the soccer match we had, remember?"
"But Rose is always in the library, and she said she saw no one" I added.
"Rose could be lying. Maybe it was her" said Eyeball.
"But Rose would never lie" said Iris.
It seems as it was no one. I wonder who...
But then we got tired of thinking and decided to have one last walk before going to sleep.
And then it happened. Eyeball had his crazyiest idea yet and decided to go down the slide on his skateboard. At first it looked as if it was going to be all right, but then...
... the skateboard turned in a strange angle and eyeball started to fall head first. Iris dashed to the spot and managed to go underneath eyeball and cushion the fall.
We all panicked. Iris seemed more or less alright, excpt for her tail, but Eyeball looked seriously hurt. His skateboard had snapped in half, a splinter of wood had cut his ear, his eye was swollen and his paw looked broken.
In the middle of the confusion, it was Tonya who had the idea. "Let's ask Sarah to take them to the Medical Centre"
"I'll go with Sarah to take them" I offered.
Tonya carried Eyeball, who could hardly move, to the bike, and Bobby cleverly stuck the remains of the skateboard to the back of the bike so all four of us would fit.
We zoomed out of Sarepia forest. Sarah was really an incredible biker.
Through Jamaa Township...
"Eyeball, Iris, we're nearly there, don't worry"
When we arrived at last, we found out that Iris had only sprained her tail, but poor Eyeball had cut one of his ears and bruised the other one, his eye was swollen, he had bumped his head, broken a paw and sprained the other one.
"But it could have been worse" said the doctor. "If Iris hadn't cushioned the fall, he could have killed himself"
Now Eyeball is almost completely covered in bandages, casts, plasters and stitches, but he is happy and the doctor says he will recover.
"Thanks for saving me Iris, you are a true heroine!" he said.
See you tomorrow!